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pairingclaimage's Journal

『Pairing Claimage』
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Currently under construction~!

Thank you for your patience. :D

~Pairing Claimage~
@ LiveJournal

1. You may only claim one pairing, unless I have granted you another.
2. Check the claims list to be sure your pairing has not already been claimed.
3. Join the community first and create a post in the community to request your pairing using the appropriate form. You must remain a member of the community to keep your claim. You do not need to be active, but that would be rather nice.
4. Be sure that you tell me the full names of the characters in your pairing, along with the fandom they are from. I do not want to hunt them down.
5. Once you have your claim, please post it in your profile using the profile code. If you fail to do so, then I will have to delete your claim.
6. If you delete your journal, you will lose your claim. However, you may switch a claim from one journal to another, but only if said journal is a result of a name change.
7. You may drop a claim and pick up another. Post an entry with the appropriate form.
8. Finally, remember that this is for fun. Please, be pleasant to one another.